wm2 is a window manager for X. Using wm2, you can:
· move windows around the screen;
· resize windows both horizontally and vertically;
· hide windows;
· restore hidden windows; and
· delete windows.

wm2 also adds a stylish frame to each managed window.

wm2 does not provide:
· icons;
· configurability;
· a virtual desktop;
· extendable root menus;
· toolbars - button panels - docking areas - &c.

wm2 is therefore the ideal window manager for today's elegant and ascetic programmer.

Why? The briefest contemplation of the modern window manager makes five points immediately obvious:
1. Icons are crap. No existing window manager manages them at all well.
2. Configurability is crap. It takes up so much time and can never truly compensate for using the wrong design.
3. Long lists of useful applications on the root menu are crap. It doesn't matter how much care you take to add all the applications you think you want: you never actually get it right.
4. The click-to-focus versus focus-follows-pointer war is not really important. Most people can get used to either.
5. Appearance is important.

Armed with these certainties, therefore, I embarked upon a spiritualist quest to write the perfect window manager. It has a lot of faults - more faults than features, probably - but goddammit the faults are perfect too.

It looks like this, and you can get it here. The distribution is a gzipped tar file of sources only. No binaries are available; you'll have to compile it yourself. You'll need Unix, X11R4 or newer with the Shape extension, and a C++ compiler such as gcc.

If you want some more cool features - if you like the appearance of wm2, but you're the kind of freak who expects their window manager to be take care of things like multiple desktops for them - then you might like to take a look at wmx, which looks the same but follows a rather different design philosophy.

Addendum: This page, and wm2 itself, were written in 1996. Other window managers are better now than they were then, and I'm older and less zealous.