Advanced interface to Chinese big5 annotator

This form allows you to control most of the available options of the CGI script. Not all combinations of options work exactly as you might expect; for example it won't put zhuyin in the status-line, and it won't do dictionary or audio links while appending a word-list.

For a simpler interface, use the simple form. Of course.

pinyin, zhuyin
status line
separate wordlist
Treat as plain text HTML
Link characters to online dictionaries
Only treat the first occurrence of each word
Include links to audio text-to-speech
tooltips require DHTML; status-line requires a willing browser

The best feature of this script is probably the JavaScript tooltips, and I'm afraid they only work with Netscape 4 or MSIE 4. Probably a bit better with Netscape than MSIE. The other features should work with other browsers, of course.

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